The page for Link's mother's journal.

Additional Info

The journal is a small pale green book with a gold triforce symbol on it. It is written in the old Hylain language, so only people from Hyrule can read it and understand it. It has fifty-two pages that are readable, the others are burned too much to be able to read.

Journal Entries

(Warning: Latin is extremely hard to translate to English and vise-versa. These translations may not be perfectly correct.)


"De November 12th nostrum infantem natus. Ego ita beatus et superbis die, et sic eius pater. Nos nomine eum Link, post Heros Temporis, enim habet Triforce-informibus naevulus in sinistra manu."


"On November 12th our baby was born. I was so happy and proud that day, and so was his father. We named him Link, after the Hero of Time, for he has a Triforce-shaped birthmark on his left hand."


  • Because Icy could not find her real name, Icy used the ancient Greek name, Metrodora, for Link's mother's name. It is a cross between the ancient Greek words meaning "mother" and "gift."
  • To replace the "Hylain language" on the wiki, the book will be written in Latin so Icy won't be copying symbols all day.