Moley s a large mole who is featured in Kirby games.

Additional info

Moley originally appeared in Kirby and the amazing mirror. He was a boss of a place in the mirror world called Cabbage Cavern. Ever since then, he has made his way into Kirby's galaxy as we learn from his appearance in strange new worlds rp


KMA Moley
First Roleplay Mentioned In Strange new worlds rp.
Last Roleplay Mentioned In Strange new worlds rp.
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Siblings None
Video Game Universe
Video Game Universe Kirby

old-Cabbage cavern in the mirror world/ new- Rock Star

Species Mole
Profession/Occupation Thief
Roleplayed by Johnson ace


  • It is thought be some people that Moley is related to Mrs. Moley from Kirby:squeak squad
  • Moley appeared as a mid boss in Kirby Mass attack as well as being a boss in Cabbage Cavern in Kirby and the amazing mirror
  • He appears in the sub game field frenzy in Kirby mass attack
  • His appearance in Mass attack is the first time hes seen outside the mirror world (the mirror world is in kirby and the amazing mirror).

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