No Photo
First Roleplay Mentioned In Ad Salvandas Sol/Roleplay
Last Roleplay Mentioned In Ad Certa Tenebrae/Roleplay
Step-Mother Edme
Step-Father Faolan
Step-Siblings Maudie
Pelt Color Ash gray
Species Dire Wolf
Roleplayed by Faolanmacduncan and Fuzzypelt

Myrrglosch, nicknamed Myrr, is a frisky and kind-hearted ash gray male dire wolf (Canis Dirus) pup who was saved by Faolan and Edme, after his parents became Skaars dancers. His original name given by his mum and da is unknown.

Additional Information

After his mother and father walked away from him, Faolan decided to take him with them. They got to the ring and the fengo, Finbar, alowed him to stay, making him the first and only pup to live in the ring.

Myrr glosch means "bits of miracles" in the language of Old Wolf. He was named by Finbar when he called him "a bit of a miracle", however, his original name is unknown. According to Myrr, "it walked away from him when his parents did, and was lost in mist."

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