N is a character from Pokemon Black and White. He also appears in Black 2 and White 2


Additional Info

N (full name: Natural Harmonia) is a boy about 17 years old with bright green hair. He carries a green Void Cube around with him at all times for some reason. He was found by Ghetsis as a small child, living with Pokemon. He rarely keeps Pokemon that he uses, preferring instead to set them free. He keeps one Pokemon, his Reshiram, permanently. He also has a Zorua in the care of Rood. In the RP, he will have a Sigilyph with him as well as Reshiram. He is brilliant and empathizes with everyone around him; this can lead him to hesitate in key situations. He responsible for the defeat of Team Plasma, and they may seek revenge. N became one of the key heroes after Ad Salvandras Sol/Roleplay, but Kogari still dosen't trust him. RPed by Ftaghn

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