Ness is a boy from the small town of Onett.


First Roleplay Mentioned In The Price of Power/Roleplay
Last Roleplay Mentioned In Ad Certa Tenebrae/Roleplay
Mother  ?
Father  ?
Siblings None
Video Game Universe
Video Game Universe EarthBound (Mother Series)
Homeland Onett
Species Human
Profession/Occupation None
Roleplayed by Lorkn

Additional Information

Ness is a quirky boy whose small size is very misleading. He is one of three fighters that possess PK (psychokinetic) powers. He is shy around many, but those with whom he is comfortable with know that he is one rowdy kid, which can be both useful and annoying.

In The Price of Power/Roleplay, he is found by the group alone and afraid. He then is seen conversing with Epona.

In the Ad Certa Tenebrae/Roleplay, Ness is afraid of the ever-present darkness, reminding him much of his former enemy... Giygas.

In The Four Seasons/Roleplay, Ness, at first, is ignorant of what is causing the disruptive weather. This is because he is unaware of the Hylain dragons of the seasons.

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