Nin is a dragon-like beast.

Additional Info

Nin is apparently immortal and does not enjoy what he refers to as "hapless mortal bickering." Nin was probably created at the same time as Hyrule itself, as he is tied to that land. Nin dislikes evil, and will probably side with the heroes on this one. However, Nin always does what he feels is best for Hyrule, and this may lead him to stop and observe at key moments. Nin is probably closer in temperament to Nox than to Lux, however, as he is prone to overreact, like when he shattered the north wall of Castle Hyrule in a burst of anger, hurting Kogari and frightening Zelda. However, he proves a valuable ally in the fight with Ganondorf.

 Interaction with Heroes

Most of the heroes mistrust Nin at first because they did not know enough about him. Only N trusted him enough to side with him. Nin has showed fondness for the heroes on many occasions, but he still disagrees with them on some respects.


Nin represents the perfect fusion of light and dark, but veers much closer to order than chaos. Time will tell if there is a counterpart to him, as Nox is to Lux.

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