Patroclus is a young man who is about 18 years old with brown hair and brown eyes.  He dresses very plainly and modestly, though he wears a mask that covers up most of his face and his right eye, which is missing and his eyelids are stitched shut.

Additional Info

Patroclus is a (former) member of The Secret.  He seems very quiet and shy, but he can be a merciless killer. 

Patroclus was born in a country that borders Hyrule and Plixatus. He and his family moved to a small, so far unnamed town in Plixatus while he was a very young child. He was born deaf, and was taught sign language at a very young age, though this serves him no purpose since almost no one else can understand this form of communication. He was diagnosed with a form of eye cancer when he was about seven years old. This led to the removal of his right eye, which disabled him even more since he is also not able to hear.

His father, mother, and older sister worked in a small store in town. They were overprotective of Patroclus when he was a child, since he was deaf and missing his right eye. Though, sadly, all three were executed by The Vigil for "breaking the law", though they did nothing wrong. This forced Patroclus to resort to stealing to be able to take care of himself, since he would be unable to perform any tasks that most occupations would require. He joined The Secret when he was about thirteen years old, feeling that the other members could help him.

He was seen in The Secret/Roleplay.  As a member of The Secret, he was seen breaking Zake, Kogari, and the others out of jail several times using excessive force and violence.  There was a lot of miscommunication due to him being deaf and the others not knowing this.  He becomes friends with Cole, since he also knows how to speak sign language.  He leaves town sortly after the RP ends to try and leave his life of crime behind. 

He arrives in Gaisma during The Cold War/Roleplay.  He helps to find the Orb of Jauda, but when Kogari betrays the group he is critically injured by him.  He was rescued by a person from Hyrule and was taken to a small town near the Caligo Mountains. 

Icy's Artwork

Patroclus Headshot

Why can't I draw? DX  Anyways, just a quick sketch of what his face looks like kinda.  Sorry for the bad quality, I had to take a picture of the drawing instead of scanning it.


  • He speaks ASL, the type of sign language used in America.

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