Pisca (pronounced Pie-scar) is a large fish that commands Acros' army of fish.

Additional info

Pisca was created by Johnson ace. Pisca is based on a large Siamese fighting fish (Betta)  and apparently has martial arts skills!He lives on Aqua star with a large army of fish and he has been assigned the role as commander of these fish. The role of Acro's Pisca and fish is to protect Aquastar from intruders.  He first appears in the strange new worlds rp where he helps to defeat the dark matter.


First Roleplay Mentioned In strange new worlds
Last Roleplay Mentioned In strange new worlds
Mother unknown- some aqua star fish
Father Unknown- some aqua star fish
Siblings hundreds of fish.
Video Game Universe
Video Game Universe none, fanmade
Homeland Aquastar
Species Siamese (Betta) fighting fish
Profession/Occupation fighter/protector
Roleplayed by johnson ace (i made him)


  • His name is based on the fish star sign Pisces.
  • Also from piscine which is swimming pool in french.

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