Proffessor Branch is a proboscis monkey from Simia

Additional info

Rumour has it that Branch once served as Gargrilla's carer when Gargrilla was put into an orphanage

The first and only rp appearance was in the Jungle Code rp, where he helped the group find Odius Moss, along with Doctor Vine. He was seen as intelligent but unfortunatly, he died when trying to escape the mountain in which he and the others found Gibs's brother, Moss. The mountain was a volcano and lava started gushing out, covering him and killing him. He was burried in the same place as Gibs. The species of Simian he is died out many years ago and is said to be from Hutina or Boon


Proboscis monkey

this is a proboscis monkey incase you didn't know what one looked like.

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