The Puffi Spikeia are a species of floating fish that look like fish from the Tetraodontidae species.

Additional info

They live on Simia/an unknown planet and look like Pufferfish/blowfish, hence why some Simians call them that. The main name for them are Puff Puff and they float in space or near Simia. They do this by sucking in air and then blowing it out. In space, their weight is enough to carry them. They have poisonous spikes which they fire. A new breed of Puff puff has emerged into a tribe called the puffman tribe, an evil tribe whose leader is Spike Puffman. This breed can talk and has developed feet which they now walk with.


  • It is not known where exactly they come from, but every year, a group of Puff puff fly near Simia.

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