Redwing is a red dragon with amber eyes. He is only a baby dragon.


No image
First Roleplay Mentioned In The Doppelganger/Roleplay
Last Roleplay Mentioned In The Doppelganger/Roleplay
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Video Game Universe
Video Game Universe Legend of Zelda (Fanmade)
Homeland Faron Province, Hyrule
Species European Dragon
Profession/Occupation None
Roleplayed by June

Additional Info

Redwing lives in Hyrule but is not a Hylain Dragon. He is loud, annoying, and obnoxious, but is a loyal friend and fighter. He helps to defeat Dark Link, but will die in the battle. He is only a baby dragon, but is a powerful fighter. He also has a short attention span and loveS shiny things.

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