Ridley is a dragon-like creature from the planet Zebes.


First Roleplay Mentioned In Ad Salvandas Sol/Roleplay
Last Roleplay Mentioned In Ad Salvandas Sol/Roleplay
Mother  ?
Father  ?
Siblings None
Video Game Universe
Video Game Universe Metroid
Homeland Zebes
Species Unknown
Profession/Occupation Villain
Roleplayed by Lorkn

Additional Information

Ridley is the arch-enemy of Samus, mainly since he had murdered everyone on her home planet. He is suspected to be working with the villains in the Ad Salvandas Sol/Roleplay. Ridley was recently rebuilt as a cyborg, and is now in a "Meta" form. Ridley's bio-mechanical  struchture allows for insane amounts of power and speed in exchange for maneuverability, limiting his effectiveness in tight situations.

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