Seurok is a Jastra from Zirack.



(Seurok in solid form) 

First Roleplay Mentioned In The Web/Roleplay
Last Roleplay Mentioned In The Web/Roleplay
Mother Unknown (killed)
Father Chief of Meninas
Siblings None
Video Game Universe
Video Game Universe None
Homeland Zirack
Species Jastra
Profession/Occupation Outcast
Roleplayed by Edme

Additional Info

Seurok was the great-grandson of the inventor, Secke. Everyone expected a lot from him, especially his father, the chief. There were rumors all around Meninas, saying Seurok had magnificent powers. But, all of the heroes of Meninas had weaknesses. Seurok truly did have powers, unlike other Zirackians, he can change to all of the elements at once, and does a lot of damage in fights, which tires him a lot. He has a weakness as well, but only he knew about it, until he told his step-mother, Jonox. He didn't know who else to tell, and if he told his father, he would tell all of Zirack. What Seurok didn't know, was Jonox wanted revenge on Seurok's father, for he had banished her son for killing his wife by accident, after giving her a poisonous berry. Seurok had a weakness to sea water, and Jonox was planning to drown Seurok in sea water. She had brought a bucket full of sea water and tried to push Seurok in, but Seurok knew what she was doing and pushed her in instead. His father had only seen him drown Jonox in, and thought he was planning the murder. Seurok was banished from Meninas, but he was only beginning his story.

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