"Link, I find it utterly frustrating that whenever we fight, no one wins. So I brought this, The Fierce Deity's mask. And I'll even give you the choice: if you take the mask, you will finally be able to defeat me. If I take the mask, I'll beat the very life out of you and force you to watch your friends suffer and die."
— Shadow Link to Link

Shadow Link is a character from the Legend of Zelda. He wears a black tunic and has ink black hair. He also has soulless, piercing red eyes. Other than that, he looks exactly like Link.

Additional Info

Shadow Link is a clone of Link created by Ganondorf. He is completely evil and only those who are good can harm him. Just like Link, he can turn into a wolf and control twilight. He is extremely strong and even his own creator fears him.

Unlike the copies of the other protagonists, he can not be defeated easily. He was created differently by a different person, and is much harder to kill.

Unlike Link, he is extremely arrogant and sarcastic.

He injured Link very badly when they fought. He was defeated when Link stabbed him in the chest with an arrow. He is not dead though.

He attacked the stadium again later on. Link was burned by Fireworm so that he could not fight back while his copy remained unharmed. Ilia was the one who drove him off.

Although not seen in the roleplay, he attacked his creator to gain more power from him. No one has seen Ganondorf since. He defeated his creator and threw him in a dungeon cell. He then found the "Fierce Deity's" mask in an old treasure chest. He is planning to use it to defeat Link.

He is not seen during the war against Ganondorf's Army. After that war, he finds and murders Ganondorf. He now possesses the Triforce of Power.


  • He is also called Dark Link.
  • He has long, sharp canines.
  • Icy does not support Link x Dark Link.