Smithy is the leader of Smithy's gang in super mario rpg

Additional Info

Smithy is the final boss of super mario rpg and is responsible for creating metallic monsters as well as being made of metal himself.He has many different forms. His 2 most notable being one where he is clothed and has a beard and a crown and the other is what he turns into when he is mad. He is rped by forge.

He first appears in the abandoned stadium trying to take over. He is later accompanied by Giovanni as an ally where he tries to take over team rocket.  He appears to have upgraded his metal body into a more powerful metal.

Smithy's two main form


Smithy's first form

The first form of smithy can be seen on the right. It is the form he uses during the first battle with mario and is his from when he creates monsters and metal.


Smithy's true form

The next form is his true from, seen during the second battle. He is apparently a monster made of metal and from this he changes into his forms that change his head.


These are forms that smithy can turn into once in his true form. They all change his head.

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