Sol is a magical snake-like creature with golden scales and silver eyes.


Sol Request

Artwork by Icy

First Roleplay Mentioned In The Price of Power/Roleplay
Last Roleplay Mentioned In The Price of Power/Roleplay
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Siblings None
Video Game Universe
Video Game Universe Legend of Zelda (Fanmade)
Homeland Caligo Mountain, Hyrule
Species Unknown
Profession/Occupation None
Roleplayed by June

Additional Info

Sol decides to help the group fight Link after he is corrupted by the Triforce of Power. She has the ability to levitate and many other magic powers. She is kind and is a loyal fighter.

After The Price of Power/Roleplay, Sol heals Link after he was critically injured and teleports the Triforce of Power deep into Caligo Mounatin.  She is killed by Chaos and tells the group to go and protect the Triforce.

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