This is Absol

Soul is a male Absol

Additional Info

Soul first lived in a small cave in Hoenn, where it slept for years. Then, while it was out hunting on the Hoenn Route 120, a trainer caught it. It was used in many battles but was released when the trainer witnessed it fall in battle for the first time. The trainer was corrupt and only saw a Pokemon for its power. Soul returned to Route 120 as normal. One day, it decided to see the rest of the world and traveled past Sinnoh and Unova to where it now rests in the Kalos region. The pokemon travels around the Kalos region, but it is most often seen in route 8, in the grass and caves. Just like in Hoenn, the pokemon slumbers in a cave. Soul can mega evolve. Soul can't actually speak physically, but speaks mentally. He can talk to people and pokemon through the mind, using thoughts. As a result, he also gains the ability to know what others are thinking.

Known Moves

It's known moves are Psycho Cut, flamethrower, Shadow Claw, and superpower. However, this might change in the future.

Soul's moves will change over time.

Shroomapocolypse rp

Absol follows Breloom and uses stone edge on the shroom zombies. He then questions King why he isn't conserving the mushroom remover liquid. He tries to hold off the hoards with psycho cut and other attacks and is stronger now because of the rage he built up with King, as his rage transformed him into Mega Absol. King could then get rid of the zombies.

War with Zaark Rp

Soul appears in Zaark near the tree, where the others are. He comes when the others are busy finding a monster. Wikstrom appears and quarells with him about how noisy the knight is. The two begin a battle.

This rp was cancelled

Mega Soul

Soul can become mega Absol, if it has enough rage/power. It uses the crystal/gem rock on it's forehead. It becomes very powerful.

Absol de mega

mega absol


  • Soul gets its name, not only from the fact that his Absol ends in the word sol, but from a special ability that was to have thought to have been gained from when it was born, to drain souls from living creatures.  It gained this ability as a result of being a dark type and some speculate it wasn't actually born with it and that the tragic event with its trainer causes this.
  • Absol is said to bring disaster and gives bad luck, so this might be why it's trainer abandoned him.
  • There's another pokemon character on this wiki called soul (a kyurem who belongs to Blizz and is featured in the fanfiction soulless)

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