Steampunk Link (his real name is simply just "Link" though "Steampunk" is a term used to make him different from regular Link) is a Hylain with blonde hair an blue eyes.  He wears plain, greenish-brown clothes and green goggles.

Additional Info

Steampunk Link was born in Steampunk Hyrule, an alternative universe where the people of Hyrule have learned to use steam technology. After saving the world from twilight just like regular Link, Steam Link became the head engineer for the steam technology that runs Hyrule. His home town, The Ordon Village, exploded in a terrible accident due to the pressure in the pipes being too high. A pipe exploded while Link was working due to a few children pretending to be fixing them. The explosion killed most of the villagers, including the children. Link now lives in Hyrule Capital City.

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