Project Clean Up
Objective: To fix grammatical errors and organize pages to benefit the wiki.

Status: Inactive






Inactive Members:



The objective of this project to is "clean up" wiki pages by organizing them better and fixing grammar problems. This will help the wiki by making it easier to read and help it display information correctly and effectively. To join, please leave a request on the projects talk page.

All users start out as trainees. After a trainee has proven him or herself, they will become fighters which is something that you can brag about, because the road is very hard to get there. All trainees will be given a mentor who will report to the leader of the project on how their trainee is doing. Mentors will also help and give assignments to trainees.

Fighters must help fix wiki pages often, or else they will be demoted. They must also help the wiki by roleplaying, which is a key part in this wikis survival.


Please use these templates for pages:

Character (Roleplay) (For RP characters)

Character (Fanfiction)

Items (For Items)

Locations (Smaller Areas) (For small locations, like states or provinces)

Locations (Larger Areas) (For larger locations, like contries or worlds)

Events (For events)

Battles (For major battles such as those in A Call to Arms/Roleplay)

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