A location in the Faron Province of Hyrule.

The Cave of Nex

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Video Game Universe Legend of Zelda (Fanmade)
Region/Country Faron Province, Hyrule
Notable Inhabitants Megalodon, Daemone Lumina Mille, Arachne, Incendium, Ciphra Spes

Additional Info

The "Cave of Nex", as it is called, is a cave were whoever enters it is challenged to series of fights who's enemies are taken from the legends and myths that they heard of as a child, assuming that they are from Hyrule. No one has escaped it alive and bones litter the cave. In every room of the cave, a door will close behind the person and in front until he or she passes the trial. After the person completes it, the door in front of them will open.

The five rooms of the cave are The Room of the Water, The Room of a Thousand Eyes, The Room of Arachnids, The Room of the Volcano, and The Room of Fear.


  • "Nex" means "brutal (or violent) death" in Latin.
  • If someone who has already completed the cave and enters the cave again, the monsters become stronger automatically.
  • The monsters in the cave are just copies.  The real monsters take residence inside abandoned temples and other places. 

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