The page for the event in the roleplay, A Call to Arms/Roleplay.

Additional Info

"The Failed Ambush" was the first battle mentioned in the roleplay. It has no formal name. It was unofficially led by Link commanding about 300 Hyrulean soldiers against a small patrol (350 men) leading back to one of Ganondorf's bases in Northern Hyrule. Like its name suggests, Link planned to ambush the enemy which hopefully would make up for their lack of soldiers. The plan was ruined when Dewott refused to hold his fire and shot a water gun at the enemy. This showed to them that the Hyrluean soldiers were there, giving away their position. The first killed in the battle was Sarpedon. Soon, the Hylains were forced to retreat. Over 250 Hylain soldiers were killed.

After the battle, all means of teleportation and communication are blocked by Ganondorf's army.


  • The battle plan was based off of The Battle of Lexington.
  • This battle was not the first battle in the war, just the first one mentioned in the RP. It takes place six months after the war actually begins.

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