The Guardians of Simia are the great titans whom's main aim is to protect Simia from evil.

Additional Info

For centuaries they have been looking over Simia, destroying all evil, as Simia has no police force. The order here is the order they came to the guardians.

Current Members

1. The Primate aka. Primius Simius

  • The so called 'creator' of Simia.
  • He is a giant gorilla with golden armour and strange runes.
  • He created the guardians to portect his beloved Simia

2. Eldos Marm'am aka the old patriot

  • Appears as a large Marmoset-argued to be the first callitrichand Simian
  • Servant of the Primate but still old and wise

3.Dregrowl Rah'dra aka the glowing Do'rah

  • He is a Do'rah and is the leader of the high council of Do'rah
  • He has strange runes on his fur and he is glowing and in a luminous colour

4. Pyross aka the flame bird or the phoenix

  • Is a phoenix which lives upon a mountain which is actually a volcano
  • Previously lived on Lavera. Responsible for the vast number of volcanos on there.

5. Dalgar aka stag of nature

  • Protector of nature
  • looks like a stag
  • leader of Dozers alike

6. Emeraz aka the enormous plant

  • creature made of leaves and plants
  • Named 'the enormous plant' because really, he is one.
  • pledged to help all plants.

7. Kinosa Scales aka scaleman

  • A giant lizard-man
  • appears to be a descendant of the zillas
  • can be seen near rivers, swimming

8. Galeo wingflight

  • A giant Osse faltori
  • Welder of the egg of life,
  • cannot fly
  • leads a giant pack of Faltori

Former Guardians

Dredlock Rah'dra

  • banished for leading an army of the dead and betraying his brother.
  • A Do'rah, but seems to have features from other races.


  • A demon who was reborn after attacking the shrine of guardians and declaring war on the Simians.

The polymorph

  • A Shape-shifter from Shifton

Spike Puffman

  • A blowfish/puff puff
  • lead the Puffman tribe
  • banished for calling upon the help of evil


  • A humanoid creature made from water.
  • Can transform into water.
  • Rules all water beings
  • left the guardians of Simia to attend to buisness on a water planet.


  • Are named 'The Titans' because they are so powerful and godlike

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