The page for Hyrule's army/military.

Additional Info

Hyrules' military has lost almost all of it's power after the Hyrulean Civil War. When Gandondorf's Army attacked Hyrule, they were unprepared and lost at lot of territory to him in northern Hyrule. Now, it is basically a militia, being composed of farmers and other members of Hyrule's lower and middle class who want to defend their homeland. It has almost no structure, and the soldiers decide amongst themselves who is to lead them. Sometimes, this ends very badly.

Most of the time, the army uses Guerrilla warfare tactics, such as ambushes and raids. They also don't have a real uniform unlike Ganondorf's army. Many of the soldiers just wear a plate of metal covering their chest with a Triforce carved into it to show where their loyalties lie.

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