The Tajent is a man in his twenties, with the powers of mind control.

Additional Info

The Tajent, whose real name is Liam Johnson, was born on the planet Srevos. His mother died of an illness right after he was born. When he grew up, he got little schooling, and his father treated him terribly. He pushed him if he spilled a glass, and swatted him if he broke anything. When he was in his teens, the Tajent ran away, and changed his name to Michael Green. A few months after running away, the Tajent met a strange man, who took him into his home and took care of him, like he was his own son. The man taught the Tajent the how to make anyone do anything he wants them to. When the Tajent finished his training, he left the man and changed his name again to the Tajent.

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