An important item in the LoZ series.


Video Game Universe The Legend of Zelda
Creator(s) Din, Farore, Nayru
Owner(s) Link (Courage) (Power, temporarily), Zelda (Wisdom), Ganondorf (Power), Shadow Link (Power) (Temporarily)
Summary To grant ultimate power to whoever wields all three.

Additional Info

The Triforce is a powerful, triangular shaped object. If all three are obtained by the same person, they will be come all-powerful and unstoppable.

The Triforce is divided up into three parts: The Triforce of Power, The Triforce of Wisdom, and the Triforce of Courage. Link has the Triforce of Courage (note the Triforce-shaped birthmark on his left hand), Zelda has Wisdom, and Ganondorf has Power.

The only way to take the Triforce from a person is to kill them. Also, the Triforce of Power can not be controlled without the Triforce of wisdom, and will turn its user evil.

Dark Link has recently killed Ganondorf and stolen his Triforce of Power. If Dark Link is killed, the Triforce of Power will seek a new owner. This is used to Dark Link's advantage to trick Link. He kills Redwing to anger Link, then loses on purpose. The Triforce of Power is then transferred to Link, causing him to go insane and become evil.

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