Tomas is a Chikorita. He is about 4 years old in the fanfic, My Dream.


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Fanfics Mentioned In My Dream
Mother Ann
Father Unknown
Siblings Lily, Laelia, Silvano, Joseph
Video Game Universe
Video Game Universe Pokemon (Fanmade)
Homeland Unknown Town
Species Chikorita Pokemon
Profession/Occupation None
Creator of the Character
Created by: Icy, Daffodil, and June

Additional Info

Tomas is very curious and loves to explore, but often gets lost. Lily, his older sister, has to go and find him and take him back to the house from his "explorations." They often fight, but share a close bond because they are the two youngest in the family. He dislikes Laelia because she is very vain and arrogant, but he still loves her. The twins, Silvano and Joseph, often completely coincidentally speak in unison which greatly annoys Tom, but he puts up with it.

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