Trigger happy is a gremlin from skylanders.

additional info

Trigger happy
Sky trigger2
Current Alliances Skylanders
Past Alliances Skylanders
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Siblings None
Video Game Universe
Video Game Universe Skylanders
Homeland Skylands
Species Unknown
Profession/Occupation Ally/none
Roleplayed by Forge.

Trigger happy is a Gremlin from the Skylands. He carries two pistol like guns and a machine gun as weapons. However, these weapons instead of bullets, carry coins as ammo. Trigger happy is crazy and often does not think before pulling the trigger, like his name. He is small and speedy.

How Trigger happy became a skylander:

Trigger Happy first appeared in a tough frontier town on the furthest reaches of Skylands. The town was dirt poor and had recently been beset by a band of bully bandits. One day, having grown bored of terrorizing the townsfold with their bad breath and sheep-shearing jokes, the bandits were holding up the local bank. Outside, their dragon steeds were fired up for a quick getaway. Trigger Happy started shooting. Gold coins sprayed everywhere, embedding themselves into the buildings and the behinds of the bandits, who promptly hightailed it out of there. The town was made instantly rich and Trigger Happy a legend. His goldslinging antics soon reached the ears of Master Eon, who immediately made him a Skylander.

Shroomapocalypse rp

Trigger happy's ship lands with Captain Falcon to get fuel. Trigger happy helps to attack the zombies as he shots coins repeatively. He manages to trip over a rock before being infected.


  • There are different counterparts to him.

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