Tyson is a male Meditite

Additional Info

Like Soul, the Absol, Tyson lived in hoenn. He was part of a tribe of meditite but one day, the medicham ruling the tribe challenged him and Tyson was defeated. Embarrassed, Tyson fled the tribe and made his home on a mountain. He still lives in these mountains and very rarely leaves. Sometimes, he can be seen meditating. When he does this, he has the ability to connect with other worlds and dimensions.  He is friends with Soul but doesn't approve of his soul draining methods.

He was born an orphan but what he doesn't know is that his father was a lucario who was the master of a Dojo and his mother was a medicham who studied meditation. They are known as the legendary fighters and they weld mega evolution stones. Tyson doesn't know that he was actually one of their two children. A Riolu was born named Palmer too.


  • His name is a reference to Mike Tyson, a retired boxer.
  • Johnson ace might evolve him some day, in that case, this page would have to be abolished.
  • Like Soul, he learns from his mistakes, learning new moves as the day goes by.

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