Volvagia is a dragon from the Legend of Zelda. He has a snake-like body and large fangs and talons.

Additional Info

Volvagia is a baby dragon from OoT. In the game he was evil, but in the wiki he is good. He can transform into a terrifying dragon to fight. He has control over fire, and only the Master Sword can harm him. He is friends with Link, and he is the only one who can understand the dragon's speech who isn't an "animal."

He helps Epona, his friend, recover information and form the plan for "Operation:Devastation."


  • Volvagia was named by Ilia.
  • The only way to calm him down when he is angry is with music.


BabyVolvagia Baby Volvagia from the OoT Manga.

Volvagia ArtworkVolvagia(Adult)