Wikstrom is a member of the kalos region elite four.

Additional Info

Wikstrom appears as a member of the kalos region elite four in pokemon x and y and specialises in steel types. He is dressed in a suit of armour and speaks like a medieval knight. His pokemon are: Klefki, Probopass, scizor and aegislash. In the Battle Chateau, in pokemon x and y, he is seen to say (if he gives the player an item) "Do accept this token of my regard. Long has this treasure been held by the esteemed knights of my family... Verily has it been our most treasured possession, since I happened to pick it up in a shop a week ago. Or two weeks, mayhap! May it serve you well." This implies his family have a long history of being knights.


this is wikstrom's battle intro picture


1. Klefki

100px-707Klefki Dream

this is klefki, a pokemon introduced in gen 6

Klefki knows torment, spikes, Flash cannon and dazzling gleam. Klefki is fairy and steel type and resembles a key. Wikstrom would use it to open doors that are difficult to open.

2. Probopass


this is probopass.

Probopass knows earth power, discharge, power gem and flash cannon. Probopass is rock and steel type and is a giant electromagnetic nose. Wikstrom would use it if he were lost. Probopass would point in the right direction. Probopass is one of Wikstrom's main defences as it is very bulky, with high defence and health. It is capable of delivering powerful blast attacks.

In war with Zaark, He is used by Wikstrom to fight Soul and is defeated.

3. Scizor


scizor, has a mega evolution.

Scizor knows bullet punch, x-scissor, iron head and night slash. Scizor is bug and steel type. Wikstrom uses it as one of his main attackers, as well as being the fastest pokemon on his team.



aegislash: a sword pokemon captable of changing form.

Aegislash knows King's shield, sacred sword, shadow claw and iron head. Aegislash is a sword pokemon. Aegislash can change form, which means that Wikstrom uses it for both attack and defence. It is good at both. Aegislash is Wikstrom's best pokemon and uses it a lot.


Wikstrom has many more steel type pokemon apart from the above. The above are the pokemon he uses in the elite 4 challenges and are his best pokemon. He has a forretress, a ferrothorn, lucario etc.

War with Zaark rp

He appears, stepping into the wrong portal, as he says. He is loud and so is told off, as the others are busy finding a monster. He challenges Soul the Absol to a battle to relieve his rage and show Karishad what a pokemon is. Probopass fights and is defeated, however, monsters throw rocks at the pair, so the battle ends.

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