First Roleplay Mentioned In The Secret
Last Roleplay Mentioned In The Secret
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Video Game Universe
Video Game Universe None
Homeland Unknown
Species Human
Profession/Occupation Theif
Roleplayed by Frostsoul

Zake is a 36 year-old man and one of the leaders of The Secret who gets by with his silver tounge and quick blade.

Additional Info

As a young teenager, he joined The Secret just to get by. He proved very persuasive and soon attained a high up position very quickly. He deals with recruits and is the Diplomatic leader, often maneuvering The Secret, and himself, into very favorable positions. He is also a skilled swordfighter and is quick to deal punishment to recruits who do not learn their place.

He disapeared for a month 14 years ago, and nobody knows what he did during that time.


He is very cunning and pursuasive, never angering anyone (unless, of course, he wants other people to get in trouble). Zake is a little arrogant, and punishes those who fail him very easily, however, if people succeed he rewards them very much. He always has his own agenda.

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